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OUR X-RAY technologies are environmentally friendly,

water-free, energy-saving, MOBILE, compact and highly economical.

capacity:  30 tons per hour.


 Description of the equipment:


The possibility of implementing the proposed technologies is based on the use of uneven distribution of valuable components in individual pieces and portions of ore, namely, in their contrast. At present, traditional technology is based only on the determination of the average content in conditioned and sub-standard ores and overburden.

The content of valuable components in conditioning ores is usually only two to three times higher than in non-standard ores and rocks, but, given the large volumes of the latter, it is in those ores where the significant part of the metal losses occurs. Technologies of preliminary concentration, which can be used both for the improvement of existing enterprises, and for the design of new ones, allow reducing these losses. 


This technology allows you to extract gold in a continuous stream of ore from 40 milligrams with an accuracy of 95%


In addition to such obvious advantages, when using the proposed equipment, there is a number of other positive points:


  • The possibility of equipment delivery to hard-to-reach locations;

  • Technological complexes are mobile, which allows for the enterprise to start working directly on the field in a short amount of time;

  • The low power consumption of the whole technological complex                            (up to 100 kW / h  at a capacity of 30 tons per hour);

  • Reduction of transportation costs for delivery of commodity ores to the concentrator.

  • Technology and equipment for its implementation include a number of know-how that ensures the control of the operability of the entire set of separator units and allows stopping of the products’ processing if any of the devices in the technological lines fail;

  • In the maritime forty-foot container there are ten production lines, and the entire mobile installation consists of several forty-foot containers;

  • The equipment is operated in the automatic mode according to the task of the technologist, which sets the separation boundary for the quality of minerals to be separated.

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